Payne: Obama echoes Cheney

Posted by hpayne on May 11, 2012

America may be startled at the intensity of coverage of President Obama’s gay marriage vows. It is an issue, after all, which has hardly been on the front burner of policy – and seems a diversion from the massive economic issues facing the nation. Indeed, the pressing family issue in this country is the lack of it in places like Detroit. The city’s 80 percent black illegitimacy rate drives every inner city pathology – from school dropouts to adult illiteracy to crime.

But the media ignores the black family crisis (a crisis of class that also wreaks havoc on my home state of West Virginia) – a crisis ignited by government welfare programs. To admit the crisis would be to admit the failure of liberal welfare. And so the MSM prefers to knock the conservative War on Gay Marriage. It is a perennial issue in America’s liberal newsrooms on par with racial preferences and abortion rights.

It is also an issue I happen to agree with. I’m not convinced government sanctioning only heterosexual marriage is important. I default to choice.

There was a collective cheer in American newsrooms Wednesday as the media ssees the president’s advocacy as the culmination of years of press advocacy. But that begs the question: Why didn’t the media cheer when former Veep Dick Cheney took the exact same position in 2009?

“People ought to be free to enter into any kind of union they wish, any kind of arrangement they wish,” said Cheney who has a lesbian daughter.

Part of the answer, obviously, is that Cheney was an ex-veep by then. And his boss, President Bush, had never touched the issue while in office (though Cheney was also outspoken while in office against the federal Defense of Marriage Act).

But the bigger reason is simple partisanship. Party always trumps principle. Just as “liberal” newsies have thrown the Catholic Church under the bus on Obama’s contraception mandate – a clear violation of the First Amendment – they hated Darth Vader too much to acknowledge his progressive views.

Better to trumpet the words of their man Barack Obama – even if it took him three years to finally catch up with Dick Cheney.


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