Payne: Why is Obama overhauling the world’s #1 health care system?

Posted by hpayne on July 11, 2012

Wednesday the House of Representatives voted to repeal Obamacare in its second attempt to preserve the world’s best health care system. The United States is #1 in responsiveness to the needs of patients. It is #1 in cancer survival at 74 percent (Germany, a model for Obamare, is a mere 64 percent). And Americans are #1 in life expectancy. That is, we are #1 in life expectancy among OECD counties once you eliminate fatalities – which is to say, America’s unusually high number of violent crimes.

In other words, health care is not a problem in the United States. Obviously, its biggest problem is crime – particularly crime in urban war zones like Detroit.

So why did President Obama and his fellow Democrats make as their priority a complete overhaul of the best health care system in the world rather than addressing the developed world’s worst violent crime culture, especially in American inner cities like Detroit?

In a word: Power.

Democrats by ideology believe that smart elites – that is, centralized planners not markets – should be entrusted with decision-making. As the Party of Government, the more constituents Democrats can make dependent on government, the better for their political survivability. Inner city black voters already vote overwhelmingly for Democrats (95 percent in the 2008 election year) – but it is the conservative middle class where Republicans trounce Democrats. Make the middle class dependent on a federal heal care entitlement – as Washington has accomplished with Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor – and America will shift dramatically to the left as its becomes more dependent on government (and the party of government) than ever.

Tour Detroit and it is immediately clear what America’s biggest problem is. It’s not a lack of health care.

Canadians stream across the border by the tens of thousands to seek medical treatment in Detroit (and other American) hospitals. It is not a two-way street – Detroiters do not seek treatment in the inferior nationalized Canadian health system, an Obamacare model.

Meanwhile, Detroit suffers from chronic crime – routinely killing 50 people per 100,000 citizens year-after-year and placing in the Top 3 three most violent American cities. It is a crisis rooted in a welfare system that has destroyed the lower class family from DC to Appalachia to Detroit (notably, a healthy majority of America’s growing single moms vote Democrat – unlike married moms) – yet is felt most acutely in crowded urban centers where the drug trade and 80 percent fatherless rates mix in an explosive cocktail. Every inner city pathology can be tied to young boys growing up without crucial guidance from male role models.

President Obama is uniquely qualified to address these issue as a black man and a model patriarch of a nuclear family. Yet Obama has never made a pilgrimage to the mean streets of Detroit – even as he has visited GM CEOs and Big Labor honchos. He has made no effort to eliminate the debilitating welfare programs that drive single parenthood – indeed, he has increased welfare spending a n unfortunate25 percent. He has never appeared with Bill Cosby extolling the fundamental need for a father in the home. He has never consoled a family heartbroken by the 350 black-on-black murders that haunt this city every year.

There is no political gain in it. There is political gain in converting the middle class to nationalized health care.

And that is the tragedy of the Obama presidency.


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