Announcing – Henry Payne, Editor

Posted by hpayne on June 20, 2010

This was an exciting week.

The Detroit News launched, a conservative commentary site that I have been working to bring to market for the last six months. I am the editor, and my goal is that this site will be Michigan’s premier online conservative site much as Drudge and National Review Online (which I have contributed to – and been a student of – for years).

With the state’s premier conservative brand (The Detroit News edit page and staff) behind us as well as the state’s best writers contributing, I think we can make a difference at a time when this state needs leadership.

This ain’t your grandpa’s conservatism either – we will be brash and funny sporting the talents of Frank Beckmann, Mackinac’s great stable of talent, humorist Jason Vines and the unique Ted Nugent in addition to talents of The News’ Finley, Hadden, Lopez, and Payne. We’re gonna have some fun and break a few eggs.

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