Michigan Democrats: ‘Blown away’ (The Michigan View 11.3.10)

Posted by hpayne on November 3, 2010

“And in five years, you’ll be blown away.” Make that FOUR years. Michigan has seen Obamanomics’ future. It’s called Granholmnomics. And the state has had enough.

If the Republican takeover of the U.S. House was a national rejection of Barack Obama’s radical economic agenda, then Michigan’s across-the-board triumph of Republicans from governor to taking the state House and Senate to picking up key congressional seats was a cry for help after four failed years of Jennifer Granholm’s version of Barack Obama’s European-style, Democratic Socialism.

“And in five years, you’ll be blown away,” said the Sweden-smitten governor as she launched her pro-Europe, pro-stimulus, pro-tax, pro-green transformation agenda in 2006. Her fellow Democrats were blown away Tuesday night after four years of escalating unemployment. It is a profound message to Obama to cease and desist too, lest he risk losing the White House as well as his governing majority.

Rick Snyder’s victory was not so much a vote for Rick Snyder as it was a giant “STOP” sign placed in front of Democratic polices that have bankrupted the state, divided it politically, and offered fairy tales about powering giant auto plants on windmills. Rather than address budget problems, Granholm shamelessly patched them with federal stimulus band-ads while filling her Big Union supporters with pay hike bubbly.

Virg Bernero promised more of the same, Rick Snyder did not. Mr. Snyder, you had us at “hello.”

Michiganians understand that their state has neglected fundamentals. That it needs to pare back its labor costs and get competitive again. That it needs to get its budget house in order. But Granholm’s solution ignored fundamentals. Like Obamanomics, she sought to exploit Michigan’s woes and turn it into a green laboratory.

Beginning in 2006, Granholm spent billions on infrastructure, claiming it would be a jobs engine. Lacking executive experience like her Chicago-activist-turned-president twin in Washington, she drove Michigan’s budget into a tree in 2007, shutting down government and raising taxes as the state groaned under the weight of a decade-long recession. Meanwhile, she dabbled in economic witchcraft, dishing out a cauldron of tax breaks to rich, politically-connected corporations from Big Green to bling-breasted Hollywood moguls in a fanciful attempt to “diversify” Michigan’s economy.

But the state continued to tank as businesses recoiled at the state’s anti-business unions, its perverse business tax and its rudderless budget process.

Then along came a Nerd.

A successful businessman. A man with executive experience. A political outsider with no connections to the Wayne County McNamara mafia. A budget balancer. A job creator. A bore on the stump.

The anti-Granholm. Michigan’s electorate has rewarded him with a landslide and an army of new legislators to staff the sinking ship. On a night when America buried Obamanomics, Michigan made sure Granholmnomics was in the coffin too.

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