Payne: Granholm hoodie fashion (not available for Detroit)

Posted by hpayne on March 27, 2012

On March 21, “The War Room” talk show host and ex-Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm made national headlines when when she posted a Facebook picture of herself in a hoodie “suiting up in solidarity with the ‘Million Hoodie’ March for Trayvon Martin.'”

How fashionable. And how revealing.

A review of Granholm’s Facebook page – where she comments regularly and promotes her show – finds not a single reference to the ongoing Detroit bloodbath in her home state of Michigan this year – a bloodbath that has claimed 63 lives, many of them children much younger than Martin.

Indeed, Granholm could not even move herself to condemn the killings of 9-month-old African-American Delric Miller on February 20, who was shot to death when someone sprayed his family’s Detroit home with an AK-47 assult rifle.

Instead, Granholm used her national platform to promote the Republican “War on Women” – a frequent theme of her Facebook posts and TV program. On February 24, just days after the horrific Miller shooting, she headlined that she “spoke with CNN’s Piers Morgan about why I think this war on women’s reproductive freedom isn’t a great argument in a general election.”

Does the War on Women use AK-47s?

Nor did she talk about the January 31 slaughter of black 12-year-old Kadejah Davis, who was killed during a drive-by shooting allegedly sparked by a senseless argument over a cell phone. Davis was one of 38 murders in Detroit in January alone. But as the news shocked Detroiters, Granholm seemed more concerned with other targets for her primetime program that evening, namely: “What do you think of the Democrats’ strategy to target extreme Tea Party candidates?”

The next day, she was still unmoved. “If you had a Super PAC, what would you name it?” she wrote. No hoodie. No yellow ribbon. Nothing for Detroit’s slain black children.

Why? Apparently, the only killing that motivates Granholm are white-on-black killings (never mind that Martin was shot by a Hispanic) – the kind that stir up political bases and pander to her party’s race industry, Sharpton & Co. Granholm’s politicization of the Martin case is consistent with her eight years as governor in which she championed trendy issues like green energy and “cool cities” even as Detroit topped the national charts in murder and the state’s budget went underwater.

On her first, January 31 “War Room” broadcast from Chicago – a city also plagued with black-on-black violence this year, Granholm ignored the city’s pain to “give you a look inside President Barack Obama’s campaign war room.” Outside, the war in Chicago’s black neighborhoods was claiming 40 lives in January.

“I couldn’t help but get a little choked up when I was talking about Trayvon Martin on tonight’s show,” Granholm wrote on Facebook March 22. “I keep looking at the pictures of the baby-faced handsome young man. His voice on that 911 tape crying for help is agonizing for any parent to hear. I have a wonderful teenage son too. He wears hoodies, carries his cell phone and likes skittles. If this were my son, by god. . . . But let’s face it, this would not happen to my son. This happened to Trayvon Martin because he’s black. My heart breaks for Trayvon’s parents.”

But not for the parents of Delric Miller or Kadejah Davis. They were victims of black-on-black crime. No One Million Hoodie marches in Union Square, New York for them.

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