Art Portfolio

In addition to his daily works as a syndicated cartoonist and writer, Payne does a variety of special projects for The News and  free-lance illustration for a number of clients. Some of that work is featured below.

  • Drawn and Quartered: Drawing John McCain (Video)
  • Drawn and Quartered: Drawing Barack Obama (Video)
  • Drawn and Quartered: Drawing Sarah Palin (Video)
  • Election night sketchbook, 2008
  • Presidential debate sketchbook, 2008: Obama v. McCain
  • Detroit Auto Show cartoon sketchbook (200720082009 )
  • Woodward Dream Cruise sketchbook (2007 | 2008 | 2009 )
  • Reason Magazine cover, March 2009
  • Mackinac Center cartoons (slideshow)
  • Miscellaneous Cartoons