Payne: Walker beats. . . Snyder?

Posted by hpayne on June 5, 2012

Michigan’s political establishment has long sniffed that Rick Snyder’s non-confrontational tactics are superior to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s brawler style. Snyder, it was said, had achieved the same ends as Walker but without the ugly recalls, showdowns, and bitter partisan politics.

Not so fast. In the wake of Walker’s overwhelming recall win Tuesday, the prevailing wisdom is wiping egg from its face.

On achievement. In defeating an extraordinary, nationally-organized recall effort, Walker has won a referendum for his bold fiscal policies. Unlike Snyder’s more managerial reforms, Walker’s fundamental reform of public employee collective bargaining puts his state on much stronger ground for decades to come.

On showdowns. Despite his more conciliatory approach, Snyder still faces a recall effort. Worse, he faces a ballot initiative this November in which Big Labor seeks to not only reverse Snyder’s significant legislative agenda, but to permanently make Michigan a non-R2W state – potentially crippling its competiveness for decades even as Walker has secured Wisconsin’s fiscal future.

On partisan politics.¬†Snyder’s bipartisan politics have yielded. . . nada. Not a single Democrat has voted for his budget reforms. Today Lansing is as divided, ugly, and contentious as Madison.

Rick Snyder and Scott Walker are successful and different pols – one a businessman, the other a Party animal. Snyder was never going to adopt the Wisconsin guv’s tactics. But after Walker’s brilliant recall victory, we now know that he deserved a lot more respect than he has received in the Mitten State.


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