Acomplia Expectations

Posted by hpayne on July 30, 2012

Detroit Acomplia Expectations, - Joe Biden came to Detroit Sunday to applaud the good work of teachers unions in the city with the worst public school system in America. The irony, apparently was lost on the vice president.

Indeed, Biden spoke very little about students at the American Federation of Teachers convention in Cobo Center, 20mg Acomplia Expectations. For the Democratic party, education is about the unions, not the kids. 150mg Acomplia Expectations, "Don't tell me (Republicans) value educators and pay them so little," Biden roared. "Unlike our Republican friends, we don't see you as the problem, Acomplia Expectations. We see you as the solution."

Yet, in a Detroit school system that is hemorrhaging kids to charters and the suburbs, the teachers are clearly party of the problem, 200mg Acomplia Expectations. After all, the American Federation of Teachers has a monopoly on teachers in the Detroit and Highland Park school systems. In Detroit's rapidly expanding charter schools, 100mg Acomplia Expectations, there are no unions - and a recent Mackinac Center study found that charter students outperform their public school peers. Meanwhile, Highland park schools - despite (attention, Mr. Biden) getting more money per pupil Acomplia Expectations,  than any other district in the state - made national headlines last week when the ACLU sued the district for failing to teach students to read.

But the Obama-Biden ticket isn't about winning more for kids, 10mg Acomplia Expectations, it's about winning more for teacher unions. Cobo was packed with teachers wearing Obama-Biden in 20102 t-shirts. "On the stage, Acomplia Expectations mexico, an older delegate waved her walker over her head. She then attached one of the omnipresent Obama campaign signs to the end of the stick before swinging it again," reported The Detroit News.

"It's you, who keep class sizes down, Acomplia Expectations. It's you, who take money out of your pocket to help kids, 30mg Acomplia Expectations," Biden applauded. Actually, he has it wrong. 500mg Acomplia Expectations, Teachers benefits are so outrageous that they are a burden on districts like Detroit, robbing resources from the classroom.

Meanwhile, its s Republicans that are obsessed with student achievement - lifting the charter cap on schools, pushing for more school choice for kids, 750mg Acomplia Expectations, and demanding teacher benefits reform that brings benefits in line with the private sector . Acomplia Expectations, Biden insisted that GOPers care more about tax breaks for the rich than about education, but the evidence is overwhelming in cities like Detroit that Republicans are at the forefront of education reform. Interestingly, the Obama Administration supports many of the GOP-proven reforms like charter schools and evaluations with testing and merit pay. Acomplia Expectations us, But Biden never once mentioned any of them in his speech.

Why. Because the AFT opposes all these reforms.

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