Payne: The ignored victims of Fast and Furious

Posted by hpayne on July 23, 2012

Fortunately, the guns James Holmes used in his Batman spree weren’t acquired via Operation Fast and Furious. Then Aurora’s victims might never get answers to what really happened.

President Obama’s visit to the Denver area Sunday was touching – in stark contrast to the back of the hand that his administration has given the Michigan family of slain border agent, 40-year old Brian Terry.

Terry was killed 18 months ago by members of Mexican drug thugs armed with guns that had disappeared in the botched in the ATF’s botched gun sting. The Obama Administration has reacted to this tragedy by stonewalling a Congressional investigation – ultimately resulting in a Attorney General Eric Holder being held in contempt by Congress last month.

Terry was a Flat Rock, Michigan native – and his family has never received a visit from President Obama for the loss of her son, though he did make a phone call at their son’s funeral. Terry’s mother “recalled receiving only one mailed letter from the attorney general’s office following her son’s death and a few other letters sent as email attachments once Fast and Furious was revealed on TV — no personal phone calls or visits,”reports¬†Fox News.

TheMSM has also covered up for the administration, devoting little coverage to the story and not once interviewing the family – again in stark contrast to the dozens of reporters who have flown live to Aurora, Colorado to report and interview family victims of the Holmes’ massacre. Only Fox News Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have done interviews with the Terrys.

“They’re lying and hiding something,” Terry’s father, Ken, told Hannity.

Snubbed by the Obama administration, the Terry family has been left to get information about their son’s death from media reports. “Is this arrogance or incompetence?” asks Robert Heyer, Terry’s cousin who appeared on the O’Reily program with Terry’s mother. “Sometimes I’m not sure what, but we’re very disappointed. It has been 18 months, and we still don’t have the answer.”

And the Terry’s own congressman, John Dingell? “He has never spoken to the Terry family,” they say.

From Gabby Giffords shooting to the Aurora massacre, gun violence has offered a public forum for Democrats to demand gun control and accountability. Except when the violence was the direct result of the federal government’s own gun operation. Then is must be ignored at all costs lest it embarrass the untouchable Barack Obama.

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